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How to Stay Motivated as a Beginner
How to Stay Motivated as a Beginner

With the right weekly routine, staying motivated isn't as hard as you think. Typically combinations of strength, cardio and stretching work well for most, but as everyone is unique there are many forms or styles of exercise that work great. The first thing is to decide what I call the BIG 3: HOW many days a week (honestly) you will workout, WHAT time of the day, and WHERE you will workout.

Many people feel that if they miss a week or more of working out that that they are "starting over". Remember that every workout or healthy activity contributes to a healthier you. We accumulate excess body fat due to consistent... (More)
The key to seeing results is creating real life benchmarks when you start and revisiting those activities during the first months of training. Do anparticularly tough hike, climb the stairs at Swamis or try to do as many push-ups and... (More)
One of my big motivational tools is using Strava to compete against myself as well as know where I stand in the pack, especially when the lockdowns started. Now I'm not big on fitness gear but I saw a trainer... (More)
I find it easiest to start with short term goals and incremental changes. For instance, after the lockdown, even short, low intensity hikes got my heart rate up. I started out with once a week high intensity hikes with steep... (More)