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Welcome to the San Diego Core Fitness Community! A judgement free zone to discuss our program and general fitness and nutrition in San Diego.

Outdoor Fitness
Outdoor Fitness

We will post our articles and little snippets on outdoor fitness, the methods, benefits and anything else that pertains to training outdoors that piques our interest.


We just love training outdoors. Always a great view, more fun than a gym and the safest way to workout right now. If you are a member please tell us your thoughts or ask us questions, we'd love to get... (More)
Fact: Outdoor fitness environments are cleaner than gyms. In a study from 2014 researchers found that the interior gym environments contained similar bacterias to that of the outdoors plus an number of human flora that flourished in particular areas of... (More)
Many people don't know this but training outdoors increase adrenal response to exercise therefore naturally increasing the intensity of the workout and burning more calories. #AllWorkoutsAreNotCreateEqual