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The 1000 Calorie a Day Workout
The 1000 Calorie a Day Workout

Our boot camps burn a lot of calories and if you train intensely enough you can get close to 1000 calories in 1 workout. However, we recommend that you split it up into 2+ fitness activities a day. We will post recommended activities to achieve a 1000 calorie a day burn through exercise in this topic.

Please share your favorite physical activity and we will let you know how to incorporate it into your fitness routine to burn 1000 extra calories a day!
Did you know that you could easily burn 500+ Calories in less than 60 minutes on a vigorous hike? Going 30 minutes out on the South Fortuna Trail (one of my favorites) and back will scorch the calories. Add weight... (More)
I often combine one of our boot camp workouts with a 90 minute hike to get to a day strain of 12+ which boosts my metabolic rate to over 3000 calories a day. Combined with an intermittent fasting diet with... (More)