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Healthy Family Eats!
Healthy Family Eats!

This topic is where we share our "healthified" recipes that are safe, organic and healthy for our daughter to eat while also being amazing for the rest of the adults in the family. It's difficult to always be cooking two meals so we are working hard at strategies and recipes that can be made once but adapted to everyone.

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We are excited to provide you with topics relevant to fitness and nutrition in San Diego. We are always on the lookout for the best hikes and how many calories you can expect to burn on them. We love getting reports on healthy options at the best restaurants and we are always on the lookout for the best outdoor spots to exercise at.

I've got a new refried bean recipe that I love and it's low fat. The key is buying organic pinto beans from the bulk section of the store you go to, you want them to be fresh. To have beens... (More)
I've been doing a lot of meal prepping lately to keep the grocery costs down and make sure that we are all have healthy yet yummy meals available throughout the week. I've recently started making my own tortillas and refried... (More)
Homemade Healthy Waffles: Recipe Included. All ingredients are organic and purchased from OB's People's or Wholefoods. PRO TIP: I use a sauce brush to add butter and syrup to my waffles to minimize how much I put on. 1 1/4... (More)
Working on healthifying mac and cheese. It's gonna be tough so I don't think I'll come up with a healthy version but the healthiest version. I'll also be healthifying chicken Adobo later this week.